Tuesday, December 30, 2014

You'll Never Guess the Most Popular Magazine Titles

In today’s society, magazines have become an entertainment and information essential. According to industry professionals, Priority One Clearing Services, there are many publications that are easily recognized by their title alone.

You may find it shocking to learn the most popular publications. According to circulation totals, there are several unexpected titles that have become mainstream.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest surprises.

The World’s Most Popular Magazine

At first glance, the world’s most popular magazine may seem like a surprising title. However, on closer inspection, we really shouldn’t be amazed!

The Watchtower is an illustrated religious magazine published by the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Considering their famous evangelism, it isn’t surprising to hear they publish nearly 53 million copies of each issue. Nor should we be astonished by the fact that it is published in 228 different languages.

The magazine with the second highest circulation is Awake!, published by the same group. While established about 50 years after The Watchtower, Awake! has already earned a massive 52 million copies per issue.

The Top 10 Magazines in the USA

According to research done by Priority One Clearing, a magazine subscription clearinghouse, these are the magazines with the highest circulation numbers in the USA.

The AARP secures the first and second spot on the list. Their publication AARP The Magazine goes out to more than 22,274,000 people. Their other publication, AARP Bulletin reaches about 22,245,000.

Apparently, the wholesale group Costco has a very extensive membership list. Their publication, Costco Connection, is sent to almost 9 million people.

Established just a few years ago, Game Informer has quickly secured the number four spot on the list of popular publications.

Two household staples are also in the top 10 list of magazines. Better Homes and Gardens is at the number five spot with just over 7.6 million subscriptions. A little farther down the list, Good Housekeeping has just over 4 million readers.

Among all the surprises are two well-known publications. We would expect to find Reader’s Digest and National Geographic on a list of popular publications. There are spots six and nine respectively.

Parents are well represented on the list of highly circulated magazines. Family Circle provides almost 5 million copies of their publication.

Lastly, People magazine prints 3.5 million copies of their weekly magazine.

Some surprising magazine subscription declines include:
·         Sports Illustrated (15)
·         Cosmopolitan (16)
·         Maxim (32)
·         InStyle (38)
·         Playboy (66)

Top Magazines in the UK

The highest circulated UK magazines are native of their region. Few US-based publications made the list of most popular. In fact, US front-runners were quite low:
·         Glamour – spot #20
·         Good Housekeeping – spot #21
·         Time Magazine – spot #32
·         Cosmopolitan – spot #40
·         National Geographic – spot #51

Some of the most popular UK titles include: The National Trust Magazine, Asda Magazine, Tesco Magazine, TV Choice, Morrisons Magazine, Tesco Real Food, What’s on TV and more.

At Priority One Clearing, we live and breathe magazines. So these findings are quite fascinating to us. What do you think is the most surprising “upset” on the list of highly circulated magazines?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Best Magazines for Teachers

Priority One Magazines understands the struggle teachers face these days. We get the battle that is Common Core, but more importantly we comprehend the difficulties teachers are facing in the realm of getting students to read.

In fact, some employees working at Priority One Clearing were former teachers. So, we’ve utilized their personal experience to help compose a list of great magazines for teachers. We hope you’ll approve!

Elementary School Teacher Resources

Once you’ve given a child the tools necessary to decode language and thereby read, it’s imperative that you keep things in front of him that will be engaging and that will entice him to continue on the path of reading for knowledge and entertainment. The following magazines are designed to help you in that endeavor.
  • ·         Scholastic News – This magazine comes in several versions that are grade specific. Therefore, you can get subscriptions that cover grades 1-6. The magazines are precisely designed to meet the needs of each group in an age appropriate manner. Even cooler, is that every subscription includes access to online resources with videos, games and other exciting tools.
  • ·         Let’s Find Out – There are poster-sized and make-a-book issues of this magazine. Its main focus is on the development of pre-reading skills and therefore it utilizes colorful imagery and high-interest content to engage young children. A subscription to this magazine provides access to its online resources and tools as well.
  • ·         My Big World with Clifford – Who’s not a fan of the big red dog? Colorful illustrations, pre-school age non-fiction and access to learning games online make this an exceptional choice for children learning to read. The inclusion of reading conventions and critical thinking based activities are certainly a valuable addition to your classroom.

Middle/High School Teacher Resources

Priority One Clearing Services is not naïve when it comes to the needs of older children. We get the fact that encouraging them to continue to read can sometimes make you want to pull out your hair!

We understand that they are constantly bombarded with fast-paced, reward-without-effort activities. The time and thought that must be invested in reading (and the comprehension therein) is not at the top of their to-do lists. However, we’ve put together this little list of potential helps for those of you devoted to perhaps the most challenging of age groups--middle and high school students.
  • ·         Scholastic Scope – Probably the most comprehensive of magazine choices, Scope gives students in 6-10th grade a glimpse of well-known fiction and non-fiction pieces. It includes writing and grammar exercises as well as read-aloud plays and short stories. Each issue is theme-based and we’re certain that there should be something of interest for even your most challenging students. Plus, there’s always the online access that you can utilize as an incentive!
  • ·         Science World – Some students don’t care for fiction and while we think that’s a crying shame, we also want to provide you with options that will fit their reading needs. Science World contains the latest science and technology based news. Plus, there are games and puzzles (two pages worth) and access to online videos and skill sheets.
  • ·         Choices – This world is full of choices and this magazine aims to point children in the direction of proper ones when it comes to their health. There’s stuff about fitness and nutrition, relationships, global health, emotional health and decision making in every issue. Middle and high school kids are at a turbulent time in their lives. Hopefully this magazine can offer some valid advice and assistance while improving reading skills and comprehension simultaneously. Like the others, there’s online access as well.
  • ·         Junior Scholastic – This one’s a Common Core delight. It connects current events to your curriculum. International and national news find their place in your classroom through non-fiction reading selections. In addition, you’ll get lesson plans and teacher’s guides on top of the included digital issues and videos.

Magazines for Teachers

Those of us at Priority One Clearing don’t envy your position. However, we’d like to help make it a more interesting, entertaining and effective one.

We hope that this list of magazines for teachers will put you on the path to continued achievement with your students. We hope also, that these magazines will inspire both young and old to put the cell phones and iPads down--and read!

If you’ve got other suggestions for our list, feel free to put them in our comments section. All of us at Priority One Clearing Services look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

7 Magazines You Should Be Reading

If you’re like all of us at Priority One Clearing Services, you’re a bit of a magazine enthusiast. We find it hard to get enough content to keep us satisfied!

This constant quest for entertainment has led the magazine experts at Priority One Magazines to find some pretty impressive reading material, and we’d like to share a few that we think you may not be familiar with.

If you’re into cycling, this is the magazine for you. Of course, I should clarify that this isn’t for the casual weekend warrior. This is for those dedicated to the sport. When you’re ready to enjoy the journey more than the destination, it’s time to give this magazine a look.

2.  Gin& It
This one is for the alcohol enthusiast. You didn’t think you were the only one, did you? It you think it’s time to branch out into new and exotic liquors, this is the magazine for you.

3.  Apology
This magazine is great, though some may say it lacks focus. Still, the writing is superb, and I find the range of topics keeps my interest from ever waning.

Are you a gamer? The kind who finds himself (or herself) up until the sun rises, engrossed in the screen? The kind that considers a good two player game the perfect date? The kind that buys adult diapers to avoid pressing pause? Okay, maybe that last one went too far. Either way, I think you’ll enjoy this magazine.

This magazine proves that design doesn’t have to be dull or boring. Give this magazine a read to see the art put back into design pieces.

6.  DayJob
Here is a magazine dedicated to showing how different people make a living. Some jobs are glamorous and some are terrible, buy they’re all extremely interesting.

Don’t let this title fool you, this magazine is not as nautical as you may first imagine. The stories you’ll find are about getting into the nitty-gritty, real-life depth found in many destinations across the world.

Start Reading

If any of the topics above intrigue you, the Priority One Clearing gurus can almost guarantee you’ll love the corresponding magazines. They are some of the most interesting and well-written magazines we’ve ever come across. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Priority One Clearing Services, Inc

Priority One Clearing Services, Inc. is one of the leading subscription brokers in the USA. Based in downtown Clearwater, Florida, the privately held company was founded in 2008 by CEO Dawn Daugherty.

What We Do
Priority One Clearing Services, Inc. is a magazine subscription clearinghouse. We work as a liaison between publishers, partners, and subscription holders to ensure customer satisfaction. We gather orders from our partners and forward them to the publisher’s fulfillment center. Later, we work with the consumer to ensure satisfaction with the magazine subscription and renewal process.

Not only do we work with customers regarding their subscription, we also provide various services to the publisher. Priority One Clearing Services, Inc. helps publishers locate their target demographic. We also help ensure circulation planning goals are met at the lowest possible cost.

Our Commitment to Community Involvement
We are committed to the idea of restoring and rejuvenating the downtown area of Clearwater, Florida. The employees of Priority One Clearing Services, Inc. are passionate about local involvement and our role in the community.

Additionally, we strive to do our part to enhance the lives of others through the implementation of our MAD List (Make a Difference). With each subscription from our extensive list of publications, we make a donation to one of our charities of choice (Clearwater for Youth Sports Scholarships, American Diabetes Association, Moffitt Cancer Center for Research, or Habitat for Humanity).

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
We are determined to provide the best customer service possible to our magazine subscribers. We work hard to ensure customers know exactly why we are communicating with them and our role in the subscription process.

By providing top-notch customer support, we do our best to encourage the maximum number of renewals possible, as well as increase the odds of additional subscriptions.

We provide online chat sessions, email support, and telephone services to our magazine subscribers and publishers.

As one of the top magazine subscription brokers in the USA, we have cultivated relationships with the nation’s top publishers. Additionally, Priority One Clearing Services, Inc. has managed millions of subscriptions. As our business grows and expands each year, providing outstanding services to publishers, partners, and subscribers has remained one of our top priorities.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Priority One Clearing Services

Priority One Clearing Services, Inc. is one of the leading subscription brokers in the USA. Based in downtown Clearwater, Florida, the privately held company was founded in 2008 by CEO Dawn Daugherty.